Re-Enactment of Bataan Death March – Speaker Dayna Brown

Sept 7th Guess Speaker Dayna Brown will discuss the experience she had with the re-enactment of the Bataan Death March.

On April 9th, 1942, thousands of American and Filipino soldiers surrender to the Japanese on the Bataan peninsula. The Japanese, not prepared for the number of prisoners of war, marched their captives miles through the moutainous terrain and unbearable heat of the Bataan peninsula to the prison camp at Camp O’Donnell. Detainees, who surivived the atrocities of the Bataan Death March faced more brutal challenges as they awaited their fate either at Camp O’Donnell or in Japanese labor camps. The agonizing and horrific events that soldiers endured during this time would be reported years later. Their stories are unimaginable, and their sacrifices are deeply appreciated.

As a child living near Bagac on the Bataan Peninsula in the Phillippines, I could not begin to be aware of the cost of freedom that had been fought many years ago. My awareness grew after I was part of 2 reenactments of the Bataan Death March to earn a patch for my Girl Scout sash. Not only did our troop walk 65 miles of the march, but we also were required to research the event that we were reenacting. Being a part of this experience has helped shape my appreciation of the sacrifices of so many so that as Americans we can enjoy our freedom today.

So that these events are not forgotten, I will be covering the details fo the Bataan Death March – from the surrendor on Bataan, the Death March to the Camp O’Donnell and even conditions on the Japanese hell ships. In addition, you will see pictures of scenes from the reenactments, remnants from Corregidor Island and the Altar of Valor, a beautiful memorial commemorating the the Bataan Death March.

Dayna Brown