News About Your Military ID Card

News source: Semper Fidelis, Retirement News – April-June 2012

Two Forms of Identification Are Now Required

If you need to replace or renew your military ID card, you will be required to provide two forms of identification: a valid photo ID and a secondary form of ID. Acceptable photo identification includes a driver’s license, military ID card, passport or permanent resident alien card. All photo IDs must be current; expired photo IDs are not accepted. A secondary form of ID may include one of the photo IDs listed above or a Social Security card (not a Medicare card), a voter registration card, birth certificate, or student ID if you are a college student. To avoid delays, call your nearest ID card center for hours of operation and availability.

Military ID Cards for Family Members

Indefinite military ID cards are now issued to eligible family members who are 75 or older. The 2007 National Defense Authorization Act authorized the issuance of indefinite military ID cards for incapacitated dependent children over 21. To qualify for an indefinite ID card, a determination of permanent incapacitation must be made by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery and a current financial dependency determination (over 50%) is required. A financial re-determination will also be required every four years. Dependent parents and/or parents-in-law, over 75, with permanent military ID cards will also require a financial re-determination every four years. Full-time students, over 21, may be eligible for military ID for over 50% of their financial support. It is the service member’s responsibility to ensure eligible family members are updated in DEERS and to notify DEERS of any changes in eligibility. For more information, call MMSR-6 at 1-800-336-4649 or (703) 784-9310 (option 6).

The Retired Marine’s Military ID Card

When a military service member retires, the ID card issued will have an indefinite expiration date. ID cards will be replaced if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. They will also be replaced for a name change due to marriage, divorce, or to replace an older version of the ID card. A retired member’s ID card may also be replaced when turning 65 and enrolleing in Medicare Part B. With a Medicare Part B enrollment, you are automatically enrolled in TRICARE for life, which requires updating the medical eligibility dates on the back of your ID card. If the dates on the back of your ID card have expired, you will need to replace your ID card. Ensure you take your Medicare Part B card with you when updating your ID card.

Eligibility for a Military ID Card By Mail

If you live more than 300 miles from a military ID card center, you may renew your military ID card by mail. Applicants who are unable to travel due to a disability may also apply to renew ID cards by mail. Please submit a current 5×7 or 8×10 color photograph, a photocopy of your current military ID card (front and back), a photocopy of a second form of ID (i.e., driver’s license, birth certificate, or Social Security card) and a statement addressing why you are unable to travel to an ID card center to Headquarters Marine Corps, Separation and Retirement Branch, Retired Services (MMSR-6), 3280 Russell Road, Quantico, VA 22134-5103

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